Become the next world-famous super chef​

You cook your best

You know you’re a real chef, and everyone deserves to taste your creations. It's easy with us. Make your menu and mark a price for it

We sell and deliver

Wherever you are, we pick your meals up to deliver anywhere our customers want.

You get the money

Once our customers get the packages, we pay you back. Now you’ve established your own business, keep going. There’re no creatives or restriction limits.

We are the food business club​

Chef Lead is a craft food business club and a social network with no boundaries between foodies and cooks, which sets up a scalable income for its members and a new gastronomic universe to be discovered by worldwide food lovers.


You must be a certified food handler according to local regulations. We provide this service in a easy and fast online course.


All you need whenever you want. Your creativity will blow apart while your business grows thanks to our training programs.


Organic and sustainable. We can provide you all the packaging you’ll need to deliver your meals professionally.


You or anyone you like can deliver your meals, or if you prefer, customers could pick up your packages at your location. You can also make extra money by storing other cook’s meals until their clients pick them up.

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